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  1. Ana says:

    Hello, I’m designing a site and found about your site to improve .png images to make better favicons. I clicked on the download click above, but it shows me a lot of files, so I don’t really understan do how this works. I’d really appreciate if you could send me some documentation to better understand the way to use this tool.

    Thanks a lot!


  2. [...] Convert multiple png images into a single icon file [...]

  3. Hi Rozi,

    We applied some tricks in Faviconit for a betther result in each size… sure it can be made manually, but we think an “unsharp” that varies with the size helps a lot.

    This is part of the script we use in the site (we use a script per size, in PHP):

    (we convert the image to a lot of sizes)
    $sizes = array(310, 196, 160, 152, 150, 144, 120, 114, 96, 76, 72, 70, 64, 57, 32, 16);

    foreach ($sizes as $size) {
    $resize = ‘-resize ‘ . $size . ‘x’ . $size;
    $dinamicUnsharp = ‘-unsharp ‘ . ’0x’ . (1 / $size * 8);
    $favicon = “$imgName-$size.png”;
    $faviconPath = “$workFolder/$favicon”;
    $convertCommand = “$convert $resize $alpha $dinamicUnsharp $imgPath $faviconPath”;


    We apply an unsharp mask with a proportion of 1/8*size for a better result.

    Hope you enjoy it :)

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