MySQL CLI Without Password

May 24, 2013

Usually this is how to connect to MySQL Server using MySQL client:

$ mysql -u mike -p123

Github Explore

May 23, 2013

Check out new cool projects everyday. Most of them are MIT and BSD license.

Go Language from Google

May 23, 2013

Go (or Golang) is a compiled language and comes with full featured library. It is like Python combined with C++.

Download Go and install.

Using Git to Publish Website

May 23, 2013

Remote Server (production server)

Create an new empty bare git repository

$ mkdir mywebsite.git
$ cd mywebsite.git
$ git init --bare
$ touch hooks/post-receive

JQ - JSON Command Line Tool

May 23, 2013

Meet jq . .

A simple command line tool to process JSON file.

$ echo {} > test.json
$ jq ".name = "Mike"" test.json